Kitesurf, Surf & Sup Rental

Our kitesurf-surf & sup equipment for you

At Floripa Surf House we have everything is needed to enjoy an active holiday at the beach: Kitesurf, Surf, Stand-Up-Paddle board and Windsurfs’ equipment in optimal conditions is waiting for you to try all these different water sports.

We are the biggest Kitesurf Centre in East Sicily, featuring 2016/2017 kites from the best brands (mainly RRD and F-One). Presenting the IKO card that certifies your level, you can rent our kite surf sup equipment, thus saving on the cost of your airline ticket, without the stress of lost kite or board chipped during the trip…

SLEEP AT FLORIPA SURF HOUSE AND SAVE MONEY. All the guests at our B&B enjoy free use of the kite boards!

Kite & board


70.00 euro per day up to a maximum of € 300.00 a week

Only kite

eurofrom 50,00

rom 50,00 € per day up to 250.00 per week

Only board

eurofrom 20,00

from 20,00 € per day up to 100.00 per week

Neoprene wetsuit


10,00 € a day or 30,00 € a week

Surf boards

eurofrom 10,00hour

  • 1 hours- 10,00 €
  • 2 hours- 15,00 €
  • Half-day from 8 to 13 or from 13 to 20 to 25 Euros
  • 1 day – € 35,00


eurofrom 10,00hour

  • 1 hour- 15,00 €
  • 2 hours- 25,00 €
  • Half-day from 8 to 13 or from 13 to 20 to 35.00
  • 1 day- 40,00 €


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