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Welcome to Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House!

In this page, we'd like to tell you more about us so that while at Floripa,you'll fell at home and be at ease to ask us for information, and to tell us your needs and requests. We are a small team of people who work hard but at the same time really enjoy the company of our guests, love spending time at the beach (we basically all kitesurf!), and to practice yoga.

Nice meeting you!

Floripa Surf House opened in 2007, when Ettore decided to finally leave Bergamo (his city of origin) in the north of Italy, to live in a warmer place close to the sea. Ettore is a former waterpolo player, and owns an online shop of Turbo swimming suits (www.waterpolo5.it) . First, Ettore bought the red house (the "Surf House"), and in 2012 he bought the turquoise house (the "Kite House").

In 2013 Ettore and Ameriga met at the beach in Santa Maria del Focallo. She is originally from Catania but has lived abroad for 14 years, between Japan, Africa, Burma, Chile, Panama and Costa Rica. She decided to come back to Sicily because after all it is still her favourite place in the world.

That day Ettore was teaching a kitesurfing lesson, and Ameriga was kitesurfing with some friends. It took four months for them to finally become a couple, and with Ameriga on board Floripa started to offer yoga holidays and vegetarian dinners.

As Floripa expanded we needed the help of some amazing people, and so, our family was born!

Floripa's Amazing Team



Giada (or Giadina)who is our manager, arrived at Floripa as a volunteer in 2016 after sending us tons of emails begging us to take her so she could learn to kitesurf! Once she arrived, we recognized how hard working and lovely she was and we immediately decided to keep her for ever! She is the person that replies to your emails and today manages the whole house while she studies at the University online, practices kitesurfing, and you'll see her also at the yoga classes.


Lorenza aka "Zia" (auntie), has been with us since 2015, and she is the housekeeper. She doesn’t speak English *yet! so please speak to her so she will be motivated to learn ☺ !





Mayo, who comes from Spain, is Ettore’s best friend of a lifetime, and with him runs the kitesurfing school and all the activities at the beach. Mayo has lived- and surfed- in a lot of amazing tropical countries around the world. He speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese.




Michele came to Floripa in 2016 as a guest, a week later he wrote back to us asking to take him as a volunteer for the next season, since he wanted to take a year off and quit his job... the year has yet not finished, Michele is always with us and he has become one of the most sought after kite instructors!




Luciano is from Ragusa, he got into kitesurfing because he loved to take pictures of kiters (you can check them out on Facebook at Il Covo Photography). He still takes amazing pictures, besides from being a very patient kitesurf instructor, and publishes them on our Facebook page.




Terri is our dinner chef, she will delight you with all sorts of Sicilian and Venezuelan dishes :) !

Yoga Teachers

Every season we invite over amazing yoga teachers. if you are an amazing yoga teacher and you want to enjoy the Floripa lifestyle, send us an email.


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