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Shared or private room


22-30 August, 2020 (9 days / 8 nights)


from 1368 euro

This module will be also held in virtual format: if you prefer to join this format enquire at welcome@floripa.it for more infos!

The focus of the Yoga Alchemy module is on sequencing intelligent vinyasa flow classes.

After looking at the origins of modern Vinyasa Flow yoga and its roots into the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, we will delve into contemporary cross-fertilization of asana with spirituality, somatic studies, dance, and philosophy. Among the topics covered :

  • Creating transformative vinyasa sequences that intelligently prepare the body to explore peak poses at all levels.
  • Functional anatomy: how to work with the 10 main myofascial tissues of the body.
  • Foundations of Vinyasa flow yoga.
  • Understanding the energetic curve of a class: wave sequencing.
  • Phases of a yoga class.
  • Elements in the flow.
  • Sequencing styles: all-around and peak pose sequencing.
  • Functional anatomy applied to sequencing for peak poses.
  • Creative sequencing, modifications, hands-on adjustments, and prop use. Mandala Sequencing.
  • Kramas: use of stages when teaching mixed level classes.
  • Bhakti Yoga, through Vedic Chanting and chanting kirtan with harmonium.
  • Daily Vinyasa class and asana workshops.
  • Creativity and flow: at the end of the week the students will be able to move away from traditional Sun Salutations and explore creative possibilities for warming up and preparing for the peak poses.

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