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11 days / 10 nights (17-27 August 2019)


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Date: 17th- 27th Aug.

The focus of the second module will be on the History of Yoga and other Indian darshan. You will get acquainted with the seminal texts of classical Yoga, Hatha yoga, and Tantra. We will discuss how to bring these teaching into our lives to live a yogic way of life, and how to incorporate yoga philosophy in the teachings we deliver in our asana classes.

During this module you will:

  • Study the history of yoga, and understand the current debate on yoga’s roots and antiquity;
  • Study the theory behind Pranayama and Pratyahara practices;
  • Study the anatomy of our breathing organs and how breathe can affect the nervous system;
  • Receive guidance to deepen the actual practices of Pranayama and Meditation;
  • Study the chakra systems and understand the flows of nadis (energetic channels);
  • Create themes for your yoga classes that draw into yoga philosophy;
  • Have space for self-enquiry.

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