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Date: May 2020

The focus of the third module will be on understanding the bio-mechanics involved in yoga poses and how to access a Somatic experience through our bodies. In this module we will also discuss how to guide our students into embodied experiences through our verbal guidance. This module will focus on:

  • In-depth study of the musculoskeletal system and how bones and muscles relate to yoga poses. Anatomy doesn’t have to be boring or complicated! In the anatomy lab you will have the opportunity to also do several tests on each other to deepen your understanding of how the joint shape can affect the ability of students to get into specific poses.
  • Learn how to use cues that enhance the somatic experience, rather than referring to musculoskeletal alignment. We will also look at cueing in clear ways that support the bhava of the practice.
  • Understand the uniqueness of each body’s skeletal variation and be able to cue and modify poses to access every body type in the class.

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