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300 hrs (3 10-days sessions: 4-14 May / 17-27 August / May 2020)


from € 1.593 per week

The course is taught in English.

Our 300 hrs Teacher training program is taught during 3 residential retreats of 10 nights/11 days at our retreat centre in south Sicily. Each module can be taken independently as a 100 CEUs course with Yoga Alliance, or all together as a 300 hrs Advanced Teacher Training course. This course will be taught mostly by Ameriga Giannone, lead teacher at Floripa Kitesurf and Yoga House.


4th – 14th of May – “Yoga Alchemy” Module

17th -27th of August – “Living Yoga” Module

May 2020 – “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” Module

Every week the program will include:

  • Daily 2,5 hrs challenging morning vinyasa flow, sequenced in a mandala with a peak pose in mind.
  • Evening yin yoga class from 6 to 7.30.
  • Asana Labs: these classes will focus on the in-depth study of selected asanas. We will learn how to modify every pose taking into account skeletal variations, the use props and kramas. For each pose, we will practice effective and safe hands on adjustments.
  • Workshops: every week Ameriga will teach several 90 minutes workshops on specific families of asanas (usually every other day). After looking at the anatomy and mechanics of the poses with the help of plastic skeletal models, she will guide students to explore advanced poses through partner work.
  • Bhakti sessions will take place through the weeks.

Please note that the program may vary slightly from week to week. Please note that at the end of every week the students will have to submit a final homework, which counts for 10 non-contact hours.

Module 1

Yoga Alchemy

Dates: 4th – 14th of May

The focus of this 100 hrs training delivered in 10 days will be on sequencing intelligent vinyasa flow classes. After looking at the origins of modern Vinyasa Flow yoga and its roots into the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, we will delve into contemporary cross-fertilization of asana with New Age spirituality, somatic studies, dance, and philosophy.

Among the topics covered :

  • All the phases of a yoga class,
  • How to use different ingredients in one’s class to deliver an experience that can trigger an alchemical transformation into the practitioners,
  • Understand different ways to sequence in a mandala. Sequence designing and practice teaching in a mandala.
  • How to teach sequences for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.
    How to teach for a peak pose/ sequence.
  • Creativity and flow: at the end of the week the students will be able to move away from traditional Sun Salutations and explore creative possibilities for warming up and preparing for the peak poses.

Module 2

Living Yoga

Dates: 17th – 27th of August

The focus of the second module will be on the History of yoga and other Indian darshan, the study of the Philosophies underlying our practice, how to live a yogic way of life, and how to incorporate yoga philosophy in the teachings we deliver in our asana classes.

During this module you will:

  • Study the history of yoga and its relationship to Indic civilizations, and understand the current debate on yoga’s roots and antiquity.
  • Study the theory behind Pranayama and Pratyahara practices;
  • Study the anatomy of our breathing organs and how the breathe can affect the nervous system.
  • Receive guidance to deepen the actual practices of Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Study the chakra systems and understand the flows of nadis (energetic channels).
  • Create themes for your yoga classes that draw into yoga philosophy.
  • Have space for self-enquiry.

Module 3

Awakening Somatic Intelligence

Dates: May 2020

The focus of the third module will be on understanding the bio-mechanics involved in yoga poses and how to access a Somatic experience through our bodies. In this module we will also discuss how to guide our students into embodied experiences through our verbal guidance.

This module will focus on:

  • In-depth study of the musculoskeletal system and how bones and muscles relate to yoga poses. Anatomy doesn’t have to be boring or complicated! In the anatomy lab you will have the opportunity to also do several tests on each other to deepen your understanding of how the joint shape can affect the ability of students to get into specific poses.
  • Learn how to use cues that enhance the somatic experience, rather than referring to musculoskeletal alignment. We will also look at cueing in clear ways that support the bhava of the practice.
  • Understand the uniqueness of each body’s skeletal variation and be able to cue and modify poses to access every body type in the class.


  • Shared room: 1.852 euros for each module in May and October/ 1727 euro for the module in August (full board).
  • Private single room: 2.082 euros for May and October/ 2.184 euro for August (full board)
  • Private double room: 3.645 euros for May and October/ 3.454 euro for August (full board)

Special reduced Rate for Former students of Ameriga/Floripa guests: 1593 euro before 28 December 2018 – 1667 euro before 28 February 2019.

Send us an email to request an info pack and book your spot: welcome@floripa.it

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