Ameriga Giannone is the main teacher at Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House.

Her classes are a blend of Ashtanga elements fused into a Mandala Vinyasa flow style practice, with emphasis on intentional movements, playfulness, breathe work, somatic embodiment and compassionate adjustments. Her flows are intelligently sequenced to challenge the practitioners and bring them into a place of exploration of their potential. She will offer several variations for most poses, allowing modifications and personal contributions, with the idea that she is a guide, but the real teacher is the one practicing on the mat. Ameriga offers hands-on help when needed, as she believes that the personalize guidance of the teacher can lead the students in deeper expressions of the poses.
Ameriga, who is ERYT500, has collected over 2000 hrs of trainings in Vinyasa Flow yoga (300 hrs with Shiva Rea, Simon Park and Meghan Currie), Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (with Gregor Maehle, Nancy Gilgoff, and Lino Miele), Yin Yoga (with Jo Phee), Pranavashya Yoga (with Vinay Kumar in Mysore). Ameriga studied Oriental Languages and cultures at the University, has a Masters degree in Anthropology, and is an avid student of yoga philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism and Sanskrit.

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During your holidays it is possible to book yoga lessons, as well as all-inclusive packages.