Treatment and cervical prevention


  • it discharges the tension and soothe the pains
  • it dissolves the stiffening of the muscles
  • it extends the spine creating space between the vertebrae recovering the fluency and the agility of the back
  • by draining the tension on the neck,  the blood flows better and thanks to this you can also have positive effects even under the mental aspect

But remember: it’s just a massage not a cure!

The cervical massage is done in 3 sequeze: sitting, prone and supine.

Relaxing massage


  • it decreases stress and all its psycho-physical effects
  • it dissolves muscle tension
  • it improves the brightness and the beauty of the skin
  • it gives to you a sensation of relaxation for your body and mind
  • it draws out all the excess toxins
  • thanks to this massage, dead cells are eliminated with a corresponding elasticity and relaxation of the skin
  • it improves breathing
  • it improves the functions of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

Hot Stone Massage


  • through the heat, the stones relax the muscle cramps; they facilitates the blood circulation of the skin and they cure rheumatic disorders
  • the heat expands the pores of the skin
  • increases in blood circulation vasodilation
  • attenuation of muscle pain and tension
  • relaxation of internal equipment
  • it regulates the cardiovascular gastrointestinal and muscular system and it helps to eliminate excess toxins


  • It’s contraindicated for those suffering from capillary fragility. But also in case of open wounds, skin lesions, herpes or in case of problems such as nausea and fever and cardiovascular disorders.