Ettore has been managing the Floripa beach school since 2007 – he is a former water polo player and a real sea lover! He decided to leave Bergamo (his city of origin in the north of Italy) to relocate in the beautiful Sicilian coast attracted by the possibility to live by the sea. When he is not teaching at Floripa, Ettore loves to travel around the world, looking for waves and favorable winds.  His country of adoption is Brazil, where he goes back every year to kitesurf along the cost. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. 
He is a certified 3rd level kitesurf instructor and has more than 2000 hours of teaching. 
Ettore is an expert rider of our home spot in all kind of conditions – he will guide you with patience and knowledge into your new kitesurfing adventures, or he will help you to improve your practice if you are already able to ride the wind!