Hyperactive and enthusiastic child in his youth, Filippo was channelling his energy into different areas of movement, first with skateboarding and snowboarding, he met capoeira at the age of 17, falling in love with rhythm, freedom of expression and acrobatic physicality. 

In 2012, his travels around the world led him to Zero Gravity in Milan, where he took part in the opening and launch of freestyle acrobatics activities, teaching children and adults. Nourished by his curiosity to learn about ‘the body in motion’, he graduated in Physical Education with top marks in 2016. He continued his path by specialising with a Master’s degree in Fitness and Personal training, with training in Yoga and Acroyoga Anukalana approach. 

Filippo has taught cartwheels to more than five thousand people of different ages and levels, building a personal pedagogical-educational approach that draws on her own motor path and personal awareness.