Welcome at Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House!

In this page, we’d like to tell you more about us, so that while at Floripa, you’ll feel at home and be at ease to ask us for information and to tell us your needs and requests. We are a small team of people coming worldwide and working hard but at the same time really enjoy the company of our guests, love spending time at the beach (we basically all kitesurf!), and practicing yoga.

We want your stay at Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House to be exactly what you want it to be.
Morning yoga as the sun comes up, a long lazy breakfast with new friends, a post-lunch nap in one of our famous hammocks, and a sunset walk along the beach. Or… non-stop water sports, beers, bbqs and laughs. Unlike many retreats, we don’t have a set schedule you have to follow. We go with the flow and invite you to do the same.

Nice meeting you!

Floripa Surf House opened in 2007, when Ettore, after traveling all the continents, decided to live in Sicily, close to the sea. First, Ettore bought the red house (the “Surf House”), and in 2012 he bought the turquoise house (the “Kite House”).
In 2014 Floripa started offering yoga holidays, when Ettore met Ameriga while kitesurfing at the beach.  For 6 years they were running Floripa together and as it expanded they needed the help of some amazing people, and so, the family was born!

Today we have more than 800 people coming over throughout the season from all over the world, international yoga teachers who come seasonally to share their passione with us and international staff as well! The team counts people from Sicily, north of Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and many more countries!
Values at our house are respect, kindness, love for life and simply things.
We welcome you into our way of living, hoping you can enjoy it, we will be happy to meet you.


Alina Grecu

 Alina Grecu is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, faculty teacher in Daanasana® School of Yoga, E-RYT500. Alina started her teacher path with Hatha Yoga. Interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of Yoga, she explores the inner connection with calm and balance and she shares it devoutly. She has studied Yin Yoga in long [...]

Eva Drabkova

Eva Drabkova is the main teacher of Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House. Eva  (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP), originally from finance and banking, has become passionate for any physical movement (karate, dance and Yoga) from the very young age. Traveling to India revealed her that Yoga goes way beyond physical practise and it has become [...]


Illona is  a free spirit with a passion for the natural flow of life. Her vocation is to spread love, joy and happiness, with the people through her classes, workshops, retreat or coaching. Her goal is to embody unconditional love and radiate this energy towards all individuals. She has been a certified teacher (RYT 600) [...]

Isabella Brom

Isabella Brom  is an international 350h YTT yoga teacher from Switzerland.  Her curiosity for movement patterns leds her to many styles of yoga, from Hatha to Iyengar to Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, and several years of Ashtanga practice. It is her objective to share with her community integrated organic movement, the alignment of breath and motion, [...]


Ettore has been managing the Floripa beach school since 2007 – he is a former water polo player and a real sea lover! He decided to leave Bergamo (his city of origin in the north of Italy) to relocate in the beautiful Sicilian coast attracted by the possibility to live by the sea. When he is not teaching […]


Luciano is from Ragusa, he got into kitesurfing because he loved to take pictures of kiters. He still takes amazing pictures, besides from being a very patient kitesurf instructor, and publishes them on our Facebook page and on Il Covo Photography fb page.


Mayo is the best friend of Ettore since.. always! He is originally of Barcellona, and used to come over every season to work with Ettore, until he decided to move permanently to Sicily in 2017. He has over twenty years of experience practicing windsurfing, wave surfing and kitesurfing; he counts more than 2000 hours of teaching and he […]


Our team every year helps us with passion in managing each aspect of Floripa!


Raphael come from Brasile, where he met Simona.  He reached Floripa in 2020 and after their marriage, Rapheal started helping at Floripa. Since then, he is part of the staff: he is actually everywhere, from make shopping for the house, transfers, maintenance of the house!

Manera & Avaya

Manera & Avaya are our beloved dogs! The eldest one, and alfa male despite his size, is Avaya, and for sure you met him since he greeted you when you’ll arrive! In May 2017 Ettore found Manera at the beach on a warm afternoon walk. Manera is super active and loves to give kisses (just […]


Francesco (or Franci) is Ettore’s nephew and he is our volunteer for each season at Floripa! You’ll find him all day around at Floripa, helping at our beach spot and you can ask him everything you need, he will be very happy to help you!


Chiara, originally from Ispica, is one of our receptionist! Super organized and helpful, you can always ask her for all your needs and if you are looking for an accommodation for the night she is the one to be asked 😉


Giusy is our receptionist! Super organized and helpful, you can always ask her for all your needs. Originally from Pozzallo, she has a degree in Languages and she will not hesitate a second to solve any kind of problem out to ensure you an unforgettable holiday!


Giovanna is part of the Floripa Staff since 2018 and since we found her.. we cannot do without her! She’s the mum of Ettore’s bestfriend, you will not see her a lot around since she prefers staying in the kitchen to create for you delicious and rich buffet, both for breakfast and lunch! She will […]


Simona is our manager, in charge of breakfast and lunch preparation, and she is basically a piece of Floripa since she has been with us from the very beginning! Her smile and helpful character are always available for all the guests and if you have any special request regarding the food (for instance some intolerances […]


Terri is our dinner chef. She is originally from Venezuela and  every evening she will delight you with dishes that combine the local Sicilian tradition and the original Venezuelan one. She doesn’t speak any English and she’s too shy to show, but if you know a bit of Italian or Spanish and you will come […]


Giada (or Giadina)who is our manager, arrived at Floripa as a volunteer in 2016 after sending us tons of emails begging us to take her so she could learn to kitesurf! Once she arrived, we recognized how hard working and lovely she was and we immediately decided to keep her for ever! Today manages the […]


Lorenza is Simona’s auntie, she has been with us since 2015, and she is the housekeeper. All of us call her “zia” (the Italian of auntie), you can also do it! If you need one more towel or anything related to the cleanness of your room, she is the right person to ask : always […]