Former gymnast as a child, Silvia develops through the years curiosity and passion for movement as an endless research of creativity, fluidity, strength, and expression. Merging different elements from dance to yoga, from hand to hand to partnering, from handstand to animal flow Silvia gives a creative approach to her classes. 

It all starts within the walls of a gym in her youth, circus halls and international acropartnering conventions later on. These experiences mingle with each other nurturing curiosity and research in individual and couple movement, both in teaching and performance. She dedicates herself to the study and teaching of gymnastic and circus disciplines (artistic gymnastics, acrosport, handstand, acrobalance, hand-to-hand). In order to broaden her horizons, she opened up to new perspectives of movement such as contemporary dance, partner-acrobatics and yoga. She completed her training in Education and Psychology, where the relationship with others finds space and contact between word and body, where movement becomes a channel of expression!  She develops a personal commitment to social-relation interconnection , obtaining a training in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapist, a specialisation in Dance Movement Therapy, supporting psychic, somatic and relational discomfort through the naturalness of dance and movement. She has been practising since she was 20 years old and teaches Yoga, Anukalana approach.