Description: A​fter a few minutes of training with your instructor, you will be ready to reach 4​,200 meters of altitude​by air plane, get your fill of adrenaline …. and jump! You will jump secured to your trainer with a special harness, in total safety. You will feel the emotion of 5​0 seconds of free fall,​you will fly piloting the t​andem parachute,​doing spirals or direction changing, landing softly on the grass, in the end, thanks to you instructor. Training: 10 minutes training are enough to be ready for your tandem jump with a trainer. During the fall, the trainer will look after to every detail, while you will enjoy one of the most a​mazing experience of your life!​All the trainers are certified by the Italian Ministry for Transportations and they have attended the best training to get their title, using the most modern available equipment.

Duration:​1 hour

Area: C​altagirone ­ Siracusa

Cost:​from 180€ per person