Great stay for all

I’ve been staying at Floripa for 5 nights so far, and it’s been an amazing experience.

The staff that work here work so hard to make sure everyone is accommodated for (towels, food preferences, arrival times, leaving times, extra stuff to do while here – plus so much more). Grazie; Chiara, Giusi e Simona!
The yoga was even better than I expected and I’d say I’m a ‘novice yogi’ – whatever that means…
I had a beautiful time as a solo traveller, there were options to explore other parts of Sicily and options to rent bikes and explore locally.
You could choose to stay for dinner (which was amazing and delicious – thank you so much to the cooks!).

Just a great time in a special place with some special people.
Really recommend ????

El-lothere, from TripAdvisor