Let yourself be treated with our Wellness proposal

How will you experience your Floripa Vacation? Challenging yourself learning a new water sport or are you going to immerse yourself into Yoga practice and spiritual discover?
In between the two of this don’t forget to take a rest and let your self be treated by our wellness proposal.

Whirlpool in the Jungle

Not easy to find but.. our jungle garden also hides a secret spot for an incredible Jacuzzi with open rooftop. From here you can watch the stars during your nights, while enjoying a glass of wine.

You could be in the next picture! 

Jacuzzi use is available during all day long and we recommend to use it especially in the evening during warmest months (July and August) or during cozy afternoons during early spring or autumn time. 
You can either book a package that includes daily use or reserve yourself a special treat during your stay. Additionally, why not gift your bestfriend or partner with a relaxing Jacuzzi session? Sure they will appreciate it so much!

Massage space

Touch has the power of healing

You will find at the house different therapists for you available to give you a proper treat!

Discover the foot reflexology power with Giulio or get a professional Osteopath treatment with Lorenzo.
Much more you can relax with Jenny and Giada.

Prices start from 45 euros.

Packages are available to include massages already in your stay or easily book the one of your choice at the reception once you come over.


Jennifer is a free spirit originally from Madrid but grew up in the coast so is a sea lover. She travels and lives in different places but always comes back to the sea. She studied for being a massage therapist for helping others to improve their health and now she has 11 years of experience [...]

Reflexology massage

Giulio receives the “initiation” to reflexology in India, and during numerous journeys there, he has the opportunity to live in close contact with authentic yogis, who transmit to him ancient sciences and wisdom in the field of meditation and holistic care. He deepens the study of the foot map and, practicing yoga and meditation, notes […]

Cervical prevention, relaxing massage, hot stone massage

Treatment and cervical prevention Benefits: it discharges the tension and soothe the pains it dissolves the stiffening of the muscles it extends the spine creating space between the vertebrae recovering the fluency and the agility of the back by draining the tension on the neck,  the blood flows better and thanks to this you can […]

Osteopathy Treatment

The Osteopathy Treatment integrates different techniques and disciplines whose aim is giving wellbeing and solving injuries and persistent pains. The most used techniques are manipulative osteopathy, visceral and sacral skull which is associated with deep massage techniques, used to dissolve all the muscular and tissue tensions accumulated during your daily life, even at work or […]