Relax and Wellness

Treat yourself every moment in relax and wellness

Welcome to our Wellness Centre

How will you experience your Floripa Vacation? Challenging yourself learning a new water sport or are you going to immerse yourself into Yoga practice and spirituality?
In between the two of these, don’t forget to take a rest and let yourself be treated by our relax and wellness proposal.

relax and wellness

Relax and wellness

Return to yourself

realx and wellness

Massage Space - relax and wellness

Massage Space
Touch has the power of healing.
You will find at the house different therapists available everyday to offer you a proper treat!
Discover the foot reflexology power with Giulio or get a professional Osteopath treatment with Lorenzo. Much more you can relax with Cristina.

Prices start from 45 euros.

Packages are available to include massages already in your stay or easily book the one of your choice at the reception once you come over.

relax and wellness

Lorenzo Cannata,

Through Lorenzo eyes

The Osteopathy Treatment integrates different techniques and disciplines whose aim is giving wellbeing and solving injuries and persistent pains.
The most used techniques are manipulative osteopathy, visceral and sacral skull which is associated with deep massage techniques, used to dissolve all the muscular and tissue tensions accumulated during your daily life, even at work or by doing sports, and energy rebalancing techniques which are useful for stimulating and revitalise the functionality of chakras and body meridians.
The techniques to be used will be chosen and adapted to the needs of each individual after a brief exchange of knowledge and a series of tests that will guide us towards the treatment the person needs.
The duration of the deep massage/integrated osteopathic treatment is 45’/60′ (time varies according to the condition to be treated).

Whirlpool in the Jungle - relax and wellness

Hot Tub - Hot relax and weelness
A unique moment of relax and wellness.
Jacuzzi use is available during all day long and we recommend to use it especially in the evening during warmest months (July and August) or during cozy afternoons during early spring or autumn time.
You can either book a package that includes daily use or reserve yourself a special treat during your stay. Additionally, why not gift your bestfriend or partner with a relaxing Jacuzzi session? A true moment of relax and wellness, sure they will appreciate it so much!

Floripa Guests' Opinion

A lovely escape

"It was such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and the ideal place to switch off for a few days - thank you for all the wonderful time!"

Anonymous, from Tripaaner

Your #BeFloripa
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Today we have more than 800 people coming over throughout the season from all over the world, international yoga teachers who come seasonally to share their passione with us and international staff as well. Our Family counts people from Sicily, north of Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and many more countries.
We are looking forward to meet you!