Floripa Yoga Academy

200hrs Teacher Training 2025

Starting March 29th, 2025

Welcome to Floripa Yoga Academy

Floripa Yoga Academy offers daily yoga classes, Immersion retreats and Continuing Education Programs.
Opened from April to November.
Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, our academy offers a diverse range of classes and programs to deepen your practice and elevate your spiritual well-being, guided by International Teachers, sharing their passion and knowledge with all our Students. ​​

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*Please note that exact dates of teachers presence could vary slightly, if you would like to know exactly you can inquiry by emailing us at welcome@floripa.it 

**You can check Teachers’ bio in section below.

Meet Your Teachers​

Our teachers come from all over the world bringing you their background, experience and different taste of life. They share theirselves and guide you during the classes with the intention to raise your awareness and deepen your practice.


Eva Drabkova

Eva (ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP) is the main teacher of Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House.

Floripa yoga academy

Illona Tschopp

Illona is  a free spirit with a passion for the natural flow of life.

Floripa yoga academy

Monica Munguia

Monica (ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP) has a background that includes exercise physiology, marine biology, zoology, molecular biology, education.

Floripa yoga academy

Filippo Granata

Filippo is an hyperactive lover of movement. He has a background in Fitness, Yoga, Acroyoga & Acrobatics.

Floripa yoga academy

Makenzie Dale

Makenzie has more than 10yrs of practice and a deeply passion for Yoga Philosophy.

Floripa yoga academy

Isabella Brom

Isabella is an international 350h YTT yoga teacher from Switzerland.

Floripa yoga academy

Nikol Pfeiferova

Nikol knowledge come mostly from Asian teachings. She bring into her classes a physiotherapeutic individual approach.

Floripa yoga academy

Ania Drzewiecka

Ania (RYT700) changed her life and health and will teach you what she learnt about entering the greater Self.

Gaetano yoga teacher yin yoga teacher training


Gaetano main personal practice involves Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi programme.

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Next Event

24 - 29th September, 2024

40hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Eva & Gaetano

Regular Classes

Our regular Yoga classes are held everyday in our wood Shala at 8am and 6pm.
All our classes are taught by international teachers (in English) and are mixed levels, so that you will always fell welcomed, improving your practice at every level you are.

Morning Flow

Immerse yourself into a morning energetic flow, to have a perfect start of the day on your holidays. Dynamic practice gradually builds up towards advanced poses through creative Vinyasa sequencing. Each class aims to develop specific part of your body such as hips, twists, backbends, arm balances, standing balancing poses, inversions and much more. Our experienced teachers guide by precise cues, options for everyone and hands-on adjustments. Classes are accompanied by philosophy, pranayama and chanting.

Yin & Restorative Evening Yoga

Yin and restorative classes enhance your flexibility and give time to feel each pose from within. There is no strength used in this practice, just the gravity and breath to guide you deeper. This practice brings awareness inward and opens space for healing and rejuvenation. Classes are enriched by pranayama, meditation practice and sound healing.

Workshops & Sup Yoga

Enrich your holidays and bring your practice to the next level with our special offers!

Sup Yoga

In Summer Months, we offer SUP Yoga classes (they depend on the wind conditions, but generally are held in the morning in front of our beach spot) After a short introduction where you learn the basics to balance on SUP Yoga Boards, we will anchor ourselves into the floating studio and begin to move. Our instructors are all specialists on SUP-Yoga and will take you through a memorable journey, with a super relaxing Savasana awaiting for you at the end of class!


Weekly extra workshops are offered at our House to deepen your practice and take the most out of this vacation.
Arm-balances, Inversions, Backbends, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Tools for the mind and much more!
Workshops are normally offered from 4.30 to 6pm in our Shala, if you have special requests do not hesitate to ask at the reception or at our Teachers.


Once per week Floripa Yoga Academy offers a 2.5hrs Masterclass lead by two teachers! This is an incredible and unique opportunity for you to dive deeper and explore the practice. No matter why to learn than with two teachers!

Immersions & CE

Are you a Yoga Enthusiast or a former Teacher looking for Continuing Education Programs?
Check out our special Immersions and Teacher Trainings.

40hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Eva & Gaetano

SAVE THE DATE: Sept 24th - 29th, 2024 

100hrs Elevate & Deepen Your Practice for Mind, Body, and Spirit​
w/ Eva, Adriana & Illona

SAVE THE DATE: Oct 5-14th, 2024

30hrs Essence of Love Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Eva & Dany

SAVE THE DATE: Oct 22nd - 27th, 2024

200hrs Teacher Training
w/ Eva, Adriana, Nikol, Illona

SAVE THE DATE: starting from April 27th, 2024
The place you can experience sustainable and positive change is already within you. Discover it through this in-depth and complex Teacher Training. We seek passionate people who want to enrich their yoga practice to very deep level.

40hrs Embodied Yoga Teacher Training w/ Illona

SAVE THE DATE: April 10-14th, 2024

50hrs Art of Sequencing & Assisting Teacher Training
w/ Eva, Adriana, Nikol

SAVE THE DATE: May 25th - Jun1 st, 2024

Waiting List

Starting March 29th, 2025

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training
w/ Floripa Yoga Academy

Past Events & TTcs

8 Days 50hrs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Cami & Eva

SAVE THE DATE: May 27th – June 3rd 2023
Learn how to flow creatively and dive into all the potential of Aerial Yoga
Opened to Yoga Teachers and Enthusiasts.

100hrs Teacher Training
w/ Eva, Illona, Monica

SAVE THE DATE: October 18-27th, 2023
The place you can experience sustainable and positive change is already within you. Discover it through this in-depth and complex Teacher Training. We seek passionate people who want to enrich their yoga practice to very deep level.

5 Days Acroyoga & Personal Cultivation Retreat with Illo & Filippo

SAVE THE DATE: Aug 30th - Sept 3rd, 2023
When was the last time you had fun like a child? Our practice will be joyful, funny and playful! Make your inner child rise up again with no worry for self judgement or the opinion of the others.
Opened to beginners & intermediates.

7 Days 30hrs Yogic Mythology Teacher raining with Eva Drabkova

SAVE THE DATE: 7th - 13th of October, 2022
Raise and cultivate your life energy.

Opened to Yoga Teachers and Enthusiasts.

6 days Retreat with Adriana Gianolio
"Our body speaks to us of our emotions"

SAVE THE DATE: 27th October - 1st of November 2022
Open up to listening and get to know yourself.
Opened to Beginners and Intermediates.

7 Days Yoga Sadhana Retreat with Eva Drabkova

SAVE THE DATE: 30th of April – 6th of May 2022
Practice the mastery of Sadhana, your Yoga Practice.
Discover your inner Potential and expand your reality.

Opened to Yoga Teachers and Enthusiasts.

4 Days AcroYoga & Inversions Immersion
with Filippo Granata & Sylvia Oggioni

SAVE THE DATE: 22nd - 25th of April 2022
Explore movement from Upside Down. 
Inversions won't have any more secret for you!
Opened to Beginners and Intermediates.


Enjoy an amazing relaxing yoga escape full of fun, relaxation and delicious vegetarian food in a beautiful setting in the south of Sicily. We offer ongoing yoga holidays from March till November. There are no fixed arrival and departure dates.

Choose the combination of services that suits you better.

Why choose us

Experienced Instructors
Our instructors are dedicated practitioners with years of experience and a passion for sharing the transformative power of yoga.
Welcoming Community
Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for yoga and personal growth.
At our Yoga Academy, we believe in the power of diversity. Each of our instructors brings a unique background and perspective, allowing every student to explore new practices and styles, and discover what resonates most with them.
Unlike other yoga retreats, our instructors are genuinely invested in sharing their passion and supporting you on your journey. You'll find them available throughout the day for any questions or guidance you may need.
Our classes are mixed-level, catering to practitioners of all levels. However, twice per week, we break the classes into two sessions: one for beginners and one for advanced practitioners. This allows each student to delve deeper into their practice and receive personalized attention.
Extra Activities
Enrich your experience with our array of additional activities, including specialized workshops, evening events such as kirtan, intensive weeks, private lessons and masterclasses.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with our Yoga Academy. Whether you're seeking physical strength, mental clarity, or spiritual enlightenment, our academy offers the tools and support you need to thrive on and off the mat.

Floripa Yoga Academy


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